Sheboygan Radio Legend Proposes Lakefront Roller Coaster*

* Repost from  Jan 13, 2011  SheVegas

When I think Roller Coaster, I think love.

Radio Ben Olson, not to be confused with Super Man friend Jimmy Olson, wasn’t looking at a roller coaster, he’s the kind of guy that needs a USB cable and stuff like that. Ben probably was thinking about Sheboygan’s Lakefront, yet, not as much as he may be today. You see, when Ben Olson dipped his peanut butter roller coaster in his chocalate covered city, he forwarded the idea of the terminus, from one of “something”, to one of something tangible.

Ben’s a DJ, as such, Ben says stuff all day long, whether you’re listening or not. Ben likes it when you listen, that’s why he runs a tight, Sheboygan Centric infotainment music program.

Sheboygan has an incredible property, that’s available at an incredible price (it’s listed folks, work for something). Environmentally clean, beachfront, with great strategic value. The big question, what will this be, and what will it’s being do for us?

What do you think about a roller coaster?

Well, Ben found the Zingo Roller Coaster on eBay.

zingo1Roller Coaster for Sale. Engineered and manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Erected in 1968 and dismantled in 2006. The Zingo Roller Coaster formerly at Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been dismantled, put in storage and is now for sale. The train, track, gears, motor, chain, bent legs, and lumber (2×6, 2×8, 4×4, 4×6, 6×6, 6×8, 6×12). Tens of thousands of board feet of lumber, all double kiln, dried pressure treated, yellow pine painted with white latex. The coaster was 72 feet at its highest point and 2,675 feet long. This lumber can be cut, sorted, loaded etc, at its present location as long as its gone by 5/30/2011.

This coaster is for sale as a whole unit or can be separated into 2 lots. The lumber as 1 lot and all other components (train, track, gears, motor, chain, etc.) as Lot 2. The asking price is $250,000 USD for each lot, or $400,000 USD in its entirety or Best Offer by 4/15/2011. This equipment and lumber must be moved from its present location by May 30th, 2011. We will entertain any serious offer and help with the logistics of the move. Contact Marc Price at 918-625-0492 or email
Imagine your crew, shooting up to beyond the 141 split from the South.

By the time you pass Port Washington, and you do, you’re cranking “Love Rollercoaster”, Your pumped,  this is normal.

Bouncing over rough roads, laughing at an old town, taking advantage of the quickie ride on the coaster, grab some gas, some of those tacos, back on the road.

Taking in $5 per rider, under 4′ free (that might include my sisters).

Success! We have created something much more than an anchor, we now have suction.

Business would get a small boost, but suction would start to take hold of traffic on I-43.zingo_main-11

What is Suction? Suction is the ability to pull cars off the road and into the heart of your City.

Suction feeds off it’s own success as word of mouth and “viral” marketing bring the masses, curiosity dictates everyone must come.

Eventually people decide to hang in town for the weekend, save on gas, same stuff, better stuff, but the people, are bringing people, to hang with people.


Now let’s tie in the Botwin’s

Stoned Coney, Judah Botwin (Weeds) had an unbuilt dream coaster and we could have that here in Sheboygan. But Zingo is just sitting there in a warehouse.

Zippin Pippin is coming to Green Bay as part of what would become Coaster Alley.

jump in – the waters fine