Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory

“Don’t Skate to Where the Puck is – Skate to Where It’s Going To Be”

Wayne Gretzky

Sheboygan has xx schools, a Library, a Convention Center, an Ice Center, a Spaceport, a Theater, 5 Park Shelters, 2 lakes, 2 rivers, xx Parks, an Art Center, a Sailing Education Center, a Historical Museum, a Senior Center, a YMCA, a Boys & Girls Club, a Marina, a Public Works facility, 1 College, 1 Culinary Arts School, a City Hall, x Fire Stations, a Court House, a Post Office, a Police Station, a Water Works, 1 Water Treatment Plant, a Coal Fired Power Plant, a Sheriff’s Department, 2 Hospitals, a Children’s Museum, 2 Jails, 1 Joint Dispatch Center, a Band Shell, a Gazebo, miles of Beach, a Yacht Club, an Outboard Club, an Archery Range, a Movie Theater, a Golf Course, a Mini Golf Course, x Ice Cream Shops, 1 Hot Dog Stand, 2 Disc Golf Courses, 16 Aldermen, xxx Municipal Employees, 1 Propaganda Station and a Municipal Auditorium & Armory.

A Municipal Auditorium & Armory, what can one do with that?

Most of what can be done in the other buildings, that’s the problem.

How is that a problem?

Many of the institutions in Sheboygan are very expensive to run due to their structure, both physically, and from an organizational standpoint. They require constant fundraising, and many believe they must either grow or die, which is understandable, it’s a law of nature after all.

The Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory just wants to get along, it doesn’t want to steal your mojo, yet, people fear what they don’t understand. From a cost versus function standpoint the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory is willing to take on all challengers, yet, its goal is to add to what Sheboygan offers, not compete.

But the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory is so expensive to operate!

We beg to differ, with a rebar reinforced 3’thick poured concrete shell, the Armory is more expensive to take down than restore. In fact, it only requires a very small amount of money to get it looking as good as new!

But the Utility Costs are outrageous, we read it in the Sheboygan Press!

Did you know that on the day of a big event the boilers aren’t even needed! The building is so well insulated that it is necessary to crack the doors for ventilation, even on a cold Winters day! These events are rare, yet, the heating costs are nowhere as high as you have been led to believe.

Talk about cooler by the lake, it’s definitely true in Sheboygan, and the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory needs nothing more than a lake breeze on the warmest of Summer Days. Believe it or not, some of our local buildings need to be heated and cooled year round, ouch.

The heating numbers are far from accurate $350 per day, that’s  $127,750 per year. Actual cost for heating in 2013 $19,920, that number is from the Wisconsin Public Service.  How could anybody be that wrong, why didn’t the reporter check the facts?

Why Should We Believe You?

Because we are telling the truth and are offering original documents to back it up when possible.

What Can this Old Building be Used For?

The Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory is only as old as it feels, and in the world of poured concrete, it’s a child. Like a child it can do everything it has already done and is capable of learning and growing in capabilities as time passes. We have some ideas, a stepping off point you may say, yet, we want everybody in Sheboygan to be involved. We’ll present the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory and offer some suggestions, yet, crowdsourcing is the answer, not closed door brainstorming.

Here’s a partial list of what this child has already accomplished

Who is Going to be able to Use the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory?

Sheboygan is a tourist City and we believe they should have every chance to enjoy the whole Bratwurst. We serve everybody regardless of zip code, of course citizens are our core.

We prefer to use the John Michael Kohler Arts Center approach, free to enjoy as you may, yet, fees will be necessary for some programs and services. We will have a donation jar at the door and will never refuse help of any kind.

Who is Going to pay for Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory?

People like you, that simple, using Sheboygan’s tried and true Brat Fry method of fundraising we truly believe we can float this boat.

In addition we will offer the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory as an event venue, yet, will do this sparingly as we are quite certain we have the best offering in Sheboygan and could easily compete on this alone, yet, that’s not our goal, remember?

Our commercial kitchen could be rented to food truck operators, caterers, and farmers market participants in order to help the City of Sheboygan, while paying some bills.

Education is at the core of our Design for the Future, one of our goals is offering free workshops as often as possible. Yet, quality has a price, and we hope to offer the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory for educators to offer classes for profit, we will take a cut, that’s how we roll, we’ll talk about that later.

Oh, did we mention Kickstarter? Our goal is to get people who are willing to make a leap of faith help in funding our dreams! We will offer them Karma, Enlightenment, Bratwurst and use of the entire City of Sheboygan, which includes, you guessed it, the Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium & Armory, how special is that?

What’s Your Plan Already?
Knowledge is power, therefore alternative knowledge is alternative power. We believe both are essential for a better future and a better now,

What we envision is a home for bleeding edge education in a nurturing environment that encourages failure.

Online Education is quickly enhancing our traditional Education Systems and we would like to offer a mentor powered support portal blending generations and skill sets in a free spirited community.

Smart city’s need smart people and buildings. The Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium and Armory would love to serve as a portal for citizens and visitors of all flavors. Open as in always, and for everyone SMART will store gather and collect data while providing nodes and guides to help in immersing individuals no the community in a fun and cooperative learning environment.

With a fiber backbone powering a property wide wifi & Ethernet network SMART will shrink the Internet access gap in an open and experimental look at Sheboygan as a World Class City on the Lake. Featuring open and reconfigurable space SMART will act as a bicycle for the mind. Take my crowd sourcing to the next level, SMART relies on a knowledgeable community with a heart. Everybody knows something, nobody knows everything thing and together we can create the future.

SMART starts where school ends, no Summer vacation, no curfew, no admissions. Learning doesn’t need limits, it needs opportunity.